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Paleo Foods/Recipes

I know many of you, especially those just starting out, have a difficult time finding detailed information on Paleo foods, Paleo recipes, and different carb techniques for endurance athletes.

If you are looking for a great resource of Paleo food lists, shopping lists, recipes, and much more, check out this free collection!

Live Primal Fuels and Recipe Book

Be sure to also check out the Live Primal site – they have a forum where you can share ideas, recipes, etc. I’ve even shared a few of my own ideas.


29 Responses to “Paleo Foods/Recipes”

  1. […] Paleo Foods + Recipes […]

    • Heather Zipen said

      Hello I have recently been researching this diet. I am 32 yrs old and I run or cross train everyday. I have no medical problems but I have been very gassy and bloated lately. I just came off of a strict bodybuilding diet for a competition I did last Aug. But the thing I love about it is it is very regimented and structured. I am not a variety type…I can eat the same meal 6x a day. I stick to chicken, green beans, oats, egg whites, sweet potatoes, and apples. I don’t eat bread, pasta, little dairy, sugar, etc…I am pretty strict. But now I am getting back to more cardio and out of the bodybuilding world. My question regarding this diet is how much to eat per meal?? I weigh my food and I freak out not knowing a specific number of carbs, fat, and protein per meal. The diet plan will say chicken but not how much or eggs but not really specifics.
      I don’t really need to lose a certain amount of weight. I do cardio for 1 1/2hr everyday and I am currently training for a marathon. So I don’t want to run the risk of too little or not having enough carbs to make it through the marathon. My other fear is overeating. Is this diet for obsessive eaters like me?? =0) CONFUSED yet??? LOL I know I am!!!! UGH

      Thanks so much!

      • cavewomanrunner said

        Hi Heather,
        Wow it seems like you are super busy and super in shape. For me, the Paleo diet is awesome. I trained for and ran a marathon while less than a year into it and had great results. You’ll find that some of the foods are different – for example, no beans and high sugar foods like apples at certain times during your training. I found the Paleo Diet for Athletes to be the best resource to help me understand when my body would need more carbs for those long workouts and how to recover best after. As far as how much to eat – I’ve never weighed food. The whole premise is that if you eat the good stuff your body will know amounts. The Paleo diet doesn’t have a strict “thou shall not” as far as amounts. I hope this helps some and keep me posted on your progress!

  2. john said

    fantastic! very comprehensive!

  3. Mel said

    Thank you so much for putting together such a great list of recipes! My husband and I just made the transition and I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly helpful your page is!

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Hi Mel, congrats on making the transition to the Paleo diet! I’m glad to hear my pages are useful for you – keep me posted on the progress! 🙂

  4. darlene said

    My Husband and I own a training facility out here in Orange County, CA. We just switched over to the Paleo for about a month now and are currently trying to get our clients to switch over too. The changes that we are seeing in ourselves is amazing but sometimes I have a hard time going strictly Paleo. Since I’m still trying to get familiar with Paleo I’d like to see some of your recipes. I’m getting bored with chicken and salad almost everyday.

    Thank you!

  5. […] I came across a site today searching Paleo recipes.  If you click on the Live Primal Fuels and Recipes Book it will take you to a wealth of recipes.  From fish, beef, and chicken dishes to veggie salads, to dressings, to breads, to recovery drinks,and even to Thanksgiving dinner ideas!  This book has the widest variety of Paleo recipes I have seen.  This would be a great site to check out after your 40 Day Paleo Challenge when you are trying to figure out what to do next.  Well, of course you just keep on going like its part of your day to focus on eating good foods.  Check out the site here. […]

  6. cassie said

    I have seen some recipes with salt and bacon? Are these items Paleo friendly?

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Personally, I don’t use salt. Sometimes if I’m baking items (Paleo cookies or pure pumpkin pies) I will use sea salt, but as a general rule I don’t have salt even in the house. I also don’t eat pork, so bacon is out of my lists. I do sometimes cook turkey bacon, but on rare instances.

  7. Kari said

    Great blog and awesome recipes. New to this way of eating and it is great!

  8. Paleomama said

    I’ve got loads of paleo recipes on my site as well! Please stop by and check them out!

  9. suzi said

    thank you so much! i’m a single mom, nursing student. I’m desperate to improve the health and happiness of me and my two little children. I’m convinced that our diet is hurting us. My 8 y.o. has anxiety and ADD and my 4 y.o. they’re saying ADHD!! wth? are you kidding? I like the concept of paleo but I am very limited on time and resources and wouldn’t know a bison tongue if it bit me on the butt! I needed fast yes no eat this not that kinda list (of real food I can get in a metro Kroger!) thank you so much!

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Suzi, thanks so much for your comment and I hope the food lists and recipe book helps you and children. It’s more difficult with our crazy lives to find the time to shop and cook good foods. Keep me posted on your progress!

  10. […] are her breakfast ideas. Recipes plus moral support and how to talk to others about going Paleo Cave Woman Runner (awesome blog title) links to a paleo recipe book. Dozens and dozens of ideas there plus a shopping list. Ideas for eating Paleo–while […]

  11. Evelyn said

    Hi! I just started the Paleo diet and I’m also doing an intense bootcamp but I feel dizzy and weak during my work out sessions. Do you have any suggestions?

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Hi Evelyn,

      Good for you for going Paleo! When I first started, my personal experience was feeling quite weak and dizzy the first two weeks. I stuck to my running and dancing schedules, but didn’t have much energy. However, after those two weeks it was like a flip switched and I had much more energy! In the Paleo Diet for Atheletes by Loren Cordain, he talks about Joe Friel’s experience with first starting the Paleo diet: “For the first two weeks, Joe felt miserable. His recovery following workouts was slow, and his workouts were sluggish….But in week 3, a curious thing happened. He noticed that he was not only feeling better but his recovery following workouts was speeding up significantly” (3). Joe ended up having one of his best years competing as a duathlete (run-bike-run) following the Paleo way.

      You just need to stick it out – it will be well worth it in the end!

  12. Venita said

    Hi there, today I started a six week Paleo challenge and decided to record my journey. I was pleasantly surprised to find your site. Thank you. I’m inspired because I too run and was worried the effect the new way of life might have on my performance. I’ve entered in the New York Marathon in November so I have plenty of time but didn’t want anything to put me off my goal. I just need to get through the next couple of weeks.

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Hi Venita,
      I hope your training is going well. I’ve found that the Paleo diet doesn’t have any bad effects on running – in fact, quite the opposite, there are huge benefits. I hope what I’ve written here helps you, and let me know how things go! Those first two weeks are the hardest and then your body just awakens and will thank you for doing this!

  13. Melinda said

    Thank you so much for your comprehensive food lists and recipe book. I went gluten-free last March due to a laundry list of health problems. All of my issues are almost resolved after going completely grain-free throughout the summer/fall. I am still having immune system issues (stay sick a lot) as well as issues with my sinuses though so with doing further research, am going to try the Paleo diet – it just seems the next “natural” progression to health. The bonus to all of this is that I have lost 31 pounds without even trying and I am now down to a very healthy 114 (I am only 5’1″ tall).

    I really appreciate your hard work and generous/sharing spirit. A lot of sites offer “help” for the Paleo lifestyle, but then you have to pay for the help. May you receive many blessings in return for your help for others!

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Your story is inspiring! I’m glad what I’ve shared about my own experience here have helped you, and perhaps others. I hope you continue to update me on your progress and that the Paleo way helps with some of your immune issues and sinuses!

  14. Lindsay Shaffer said

    So this is day 2 of going paleo for me. I am a runner with cronic inflammatory problems and I had to quit my last marathon at mile 15!!! I also have RA and I convinced that switching to Paleo will help. I have been gluten free for about 2 years now but I think I can do more. I got the Paleo diet for athletes but for right now I am kinda just fumbling my way around just eating protein and veggies and fruit. I know there is a lot more to this but I feel overwhlemed. I am running a 180 mi relay race next weekend and I need some energy food… any suggestions…?

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Hi Lindsay, thanks for your comment. Wow, an 180 mi relay? How many miles will you run? The Paleo Diet for Athletes is a great resource and has some good tips for energy food. I personally like baby food or bananas for energy before I run. They’re easy on my stomach and high in good sugars. I also make sure to have a recovery shake for after the long runs. The recipe is in the Paleo Diet book and I can say that it does help. Let me know how the run and the Paleo works out for you!

  15. Great blog! Thanks for sharing all of this valuable info.

  16. Jessica said

    I began eating Paleo only a month ago and was amazed at how great I feel. I even have my husband and daughter eating it. The only problem was it would take me hours to make a grocery list due to some terrible recipes. This cook book was easy to reference and provided great information. Thanks so much!

  17. Air Max said

    Thank you for your sharing. i am not good at cooking. It is helpful for me.

  18. reimage said

    Thank you!

  19. I know that the Paleo recipes are natural healthy recipes.

  20. Its a great diet recipes.

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