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Setting a blistering pace

Posted by cavewomanrunner on February 27, 2010

I have been training exclusively in my Vibrams for the last four weeks. My first big race of the season is mid-April. It’s a half marathon on truly rough terrain with a 2,000 foot climb. It is my sixth year running the race, so I know what I’m getting into. Yet this will be the first year that I run the half  in my Vibrams.

Two weekends ago I ran 8 miles of the race course in the Vibrams. The course is a combination of asphalt, sidewalk, hardened dirt trails, and rocky gravel. I wanted to see if running the race in my KSOs would even be possible. Not only was it possible, but my training run was absolutely awesome! My feet and legs felt great, my breathing was wonderful, and I could have easily done 5 more miles, even with additional hills. And the downhill – I don’t think I have ever gone that fast downhill before! It felt so free and natural! And I can happily report that the next day there was no soreness in my feet or legs!

Last weekend I ran another 10 mile hilly course in my Vibrams. This course again included asphalt, gravel, and everything in between. The only issue I had with my Vibrams was in mud. I totally lost my footing and almost fell flat on my face. That would have been cool! So I’ve made a mental note to myself: Vibrams + Mud = Danger. This is good information to have since the April race course can be muddy some seasons due to melting snow.

After my run last weekend I truly felt great again! No issues, other than my right big toe hurting a little bit. I chalked it up to the usual callous I get on my big toe. However, after I got home, stretched, and showered, I finally looked at my big toe. There was quite a surprise!

I’ve never had such a huge blood blister on my toe before! It must be the blistering pace I’m setting in my KSOs! The great thing is that it only hurt a little bit during the last few miles of the run and some afterwards, but since then it hasn’t hurt at all! I don’t blame the Vibrams since I usually get blisters on my big toe (thanks to ankle surgery) and usually cover the toe with band aids and tape. I haven’t taped once since wearing the Vibrams and with as many miles as I’ve put on them, I’m surprised this is the first issue I’m having with my feet.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love my Vibrams?

So in addition to training I’m trying to stick more to being Paleo/Primal. I haven’t been sticking to the lifestyle 24/7. I will cheat, especially on the weekends when booze and pizza are way too alluring. It’s also easier to cheat due to time constraints. I’m working two jobs and trying to get a nonprofit organization started. I also want to spend time with my sweet boyfriend and my two puppies, who unfortunately have been sick. The younger one has anemia. It is mostly under control now, but she’s still on medicine and goes pee everywhere in my house – the bed, couch, carpets. It doesn’t matter. Doggie diapers don’t even help. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have running as my stress reliever! And for me – a little blister is nothing!

I’m doing a 12 mile run this weekend and am so looking forward to it. I also need to decide which races I will do this year. A 20 miler? More marathons? Can I do them in my Vibrams? I’m excited for spring to get here and to truly get into the racing season! Blisters and all!


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