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Happy 2010

Posted by cavewomanrunner on January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! I’m happy in many ways to say goodbye to 2009, and hello to 2010! A new year, a new decade, a new chapter, the usual “changing” period, right?

I haven’t been posting lately, perhaps because I’m in my “off season.” I have still been running, but definitely not as much or as intense as during race season. I’ve been enjoying the break! I’m wearing my KSOs in the winter weather – so far they’ve been great in snow, rain, and cold. I wear toe socks and so far my feet have stayed warm and dry! No complaints there. My feet are still adjusting to running in Vibrams. Ideally I would like to move completely to running in Vibrams, and I was going to use the off season to train. I might need more time than I thought, as it’s been about two months and I still can only do about 4 miles in the Vibrams without feeling it in my feet. I’ve had no major injuries or pains (yay!), I think because I’ve been taking it slow. My next race will be in April, so I’ll keep up with the training (increasing it now that it’s January) and I might even be able to run the tough half marathon in my KSOs. That would rock!

So here’s to a great running and Paleo year!


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