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Run Errands

Posted by cavewomanrunner on October 19, 2009

That’s literally what I did yesterday… I ran 8 miles AND got my errands done. Now that my neighborhood finally put in a critical road that links up with major crossroads, I can now run to many areas of town! Today was one of my experiments in saving time, money, and gas…I ran to the video store to return my movies!

It was actually quite fun. I had a “purpose” for running and it was an easy way to track my turn around point. It was also funny to see the odd looks I got from the elderly couple enjoying their coffee – I bet they haven’t seen someone literally run up to the movie drop box before, and then take off again. I must say I felt great – got my run in for the day and got my errands done! Plus, taking the movies back today got me $4 in extra credits! Go me!

I also have been continuing to run in my Vibrams, although I’m still really waiting to hit the training hard after these two final races for the season. One is this week, the last one is two weeks later. Then it will be winter Vibram training for me!

The five miles I did Friday in my Vibrams was awesome. The nice weather helped – yes, it was back up to about 72, so I ran in a t-shirt, shorts, and my Sprints. Imagine that, going from 39 to 72 within a few days. Oh well, I can’t control the weather, but I can control my running and I love being able to slip on my VFFs and get out on the trails! It’s still so liberating!

I’ve also been slacking on the Paleo cooking front. I’ve made a few new dishes – baked butternut squash (hand-picked from the local farm) and a few steak nights with steamed broccoli. It’s time to get back into cooking more and experimenting. So watch for more updates coming soon!


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