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Vibram Fashion Statement

Posted by cavewomanrunner on September 30, 2009

I went for a short, easy run this evening in my Vibrams. I’ve been running in them at least once a week, on the shorter runs to make sure I don’t have any more injuries before my three upcoming races. Life has been so hectic and stressful that I didn’t get in all of my marathon training. So I’m running a half marathon this weekend, another half marathon 3 weeks later, and then another half marathon 2 weeks after that. So I figure 3 halfs make well over a full!

The weather is changing and for the first time in months it wasn’t 90 degrees outside, but 60! It’s even supposed to freeze overnight this week and rain and/or snow. Just in time for the race!

I was spoiled on my birthday and received new Vibram KSOs from my boyfriend. He’s so sweet, knowing exactly what I want! I’m thinking the KSOs will work nicely during the fall and winter months. We get snow in this area, but it doesn’t usually stay on the ground for long. The main thing is the colder temperatures. The reviews I’ve read on the Vibram Flows versus the KSOs are varied. Some people like the Flows, some don’t. Some say the Flows are too heavy, dense, and hot. I don’t like being cold, but I also think that wearing toe socks with my KSOs will accomplish what I need.

So on a whim I grabbed some toe socks and tried them out with my Sprints. I haven’t run with socks and Vibrams before, so a short run would be a good time to try it out. I really liked my look! I thought I made quite a fashion statement as I ran through my neighborhood. Even kids on the school bus stared! I had my iPod, so I’m not sure if they were laughing, too.

Vibram Fashion Statement

The socks actually worked quite well! The shoes didn’t feel too tight, and the only complaint after 3 miles was that one of my pinkie toes felt a little squished.

Vibram Fashion Statement

The run itself felt great. I’d really like to wear my Vibrams more, but I want to get through these three races first. Then I will have the entire winter season to get used to running solely┬áin Vibrams/barefoot. Who knows, maybe for my spring races, I’ll be sporting my Vibrams – with or without the sweet socks!


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