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VFFs are my birthday shoes!

Posted by cavewomanrunner on July 21, 2009

I just stumbled upon a cool site – http://birthdayshoes.com/. Why? Turns out my Vibram Five Fingers reviews have been added! Thanks birthday shoes – it really does feel like today’s my birthday!

Here’s the tidbit:

Vibram FiveFingers Run #1 and Run#2 from CaveWomanRunner:

I did my speed intervals at a nearby schoolyard. I felt like a little kid, sprinting barefoot through the grass. At first I was worried about the bumps and holes in the yard, but I actually felt more in balance and stronger with the Vibrams. I could measure the ground more easily and felt more aware of changes and obstacles. With my puppies running next to me, I felt like I, too, had paws to feel the earth beneath me. Simply put, it was freeing.

I don’t have a full review on my latest run (#5) in my shoes, but let’s just say I still like them! The only drawback  is my still somewhat weak feet, but this will improve over time and more training sessions!


3 Responses to “VFFs are my birthday shoes!”

  1. justin said

    Thanks for the shoutout! Glad you like the site, and thanks for your ongoing review.

    It takes an exceedingly long time to rehabilitate feet after they’ve spent decades atrophying in modern shoes. Stick with it (I am!).

  2. alibettinger4pt said

    It helps to figure out site navigation before posting questions – woops – so you have the KSO’s and the Classics, right? I imagine the KSOs are “better” (except in mud)?

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Yes, I have both the KSOs and the Classics. For me it’s really winter vs. summer footwear. The KSOs have caused me some problems in the mud (very slippery). Since they have the some soles though, I would guess that either type could pose challenges. The KSOs, for me, are more versatile. I can wear toe socks with them or not. I can run through grass, gravel, weeds, goat heads, snow, ice, etc. and not worry about the top of my feet. Sometimes my toes get cold in the KSOs despite the toe socks. Yet, my toes would be freezing in the Classics. Does this help? Do you have Vibrams now? Really think about the conditions you’ll be running in – temperatures, terrain, etc.

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