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Vibram FiveFingers – Run #3

Posted by cavewomanrunner on July 20, 2009

Friday I went for my third run with my Vibram FiveFingers (VFF). So far I’ve taken them on asphalt, pavement, and grass, so for this run I mixed it up with a gravel trail near a river.

Gravel Trail

The first few steps on the dense gravel was a bit tricky. I could feel some of the sharper rocks through the bottom of the shoes, mostly on the ball of the foot. Some steps really smarted, but my feet mostly got used to it. This run was definitely more difficult than running on smooth ground. My stride got shorter (which I’ve heard is actually a good thing) and, since I was watching where I was going more intently, my overall pace slowed.

I couldn’t help but think while I was running, “how can anyone run barefoot?” Yet, many runners do. There’s “Barefoot Ted” who runs ultra marathons (for example, the Leadville 100) barefoot. He’s just recently experimented with VFFs. His statements: “My favorite footwear for everyday running? My bare feet. My new favorite footwear for 100 mile trail running? VFF Treks.”

Now I am not an ultra marathon runner and I am definitely not a barefoot runner. After trying these shoes, can I now understand why one would run barefoot? YES! The running is actually easier for me in my VFF classics. Others say that your injuries will dwindle when you run barefoot or with minimal foot coverings. Even though this is just my third run, I’m starting to agree with them. I think now I just need to build up resistance to prickly rocks and such (aka callouses)!

After my almost 5 mile run on a gravel trail, the bottoms of my feet were a bit sore, but otherwise, there were no other issues. The rest of my body felt great (ok, a bit hot in the 94 degree heat).

So for my third review, the VFFs again get a rave review. The only drawback on gravel – my own weak feet!

Rating: 5 stars out of 5



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