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Vibram FiveFingers – Run #2

Posted by cavewomanrunner on July 17, 2009

I went for my second run in my Vibram FiveFinger Classics last night and I must say – I am impressed!

To give my feet a bit of a break, I used my “regular” running shoes on my previous run, during which I felt no soreness or any problems from my first experiment with my Vibrams. In fact, I kind of missed my toes being “free” when I ran.

For my second Vibram run, I saddled up my two dogs. I was a bit leary about taking them with me on this run, since they tend to really pull at first (the two of them combined weigh more than me). Yet, I also figured that if I’m going to make the change to Vibrams, I need to test and get used to them in all environments.

I walked with the dogs for a few minutes (to let them get their smelling and other business out of the way) and then we began. There was absolutely no discomfort or pain! It felt wonderful. At one point my 5 year old pup tried to take off after a cat. I had to pull her back with all my might, digging my toes further into my shoes and the sidewalk. That stung a bit, but it wasn’t the fault of the shoes. 🙂

I did my speed intervals at a nearby schoolyard. I felt like a little kid, sprinting barefoot through the grass. At first I was worried about the bumps and holes in the yard, but I actually felt more in balance and stronger with the Vibrams. I could measure the ground more easily and felt more aware of changes and obstacles. With my puppies running next to me, I felt like I, too, had paws to feel the earth beneath me. Simply put, it was freeing.

My second run with the Vibrams (about 4 miles + dogs) = a total success.

Rating: 5 stars out of 55stars


2 Responses to “Vibram FiveFingers – Run #2”

  1. Adam Kayce said

    Thanks for your reviews of the VFF’s – I’ve been considering a pair, and I keep hearing all kinds of positives.

    I’m a POSE runner (not that I really run much), so VFF’s are a perfect next step. I’ve been running in Adidas Sambas, which are much better than my clunky-heeled shoes, but I long for the open-toed road… 🙂

    • cavewomanrunner said

      Hi Adam, glad you liked the reviews! I don’t know much about POSE, but did like their statements about running shoes on their site. Running shoes should:
      1) not have cushioning so you can have a “very precise, refined feeling of interaction between the foot and the ground”
      2) not have thick cushioning since this leads to pronation or supination
      3) not prevent landing on the ball of the foot instead of the heel.
      So yes, FiveFingers fit all of these and I personally can attest. I used to wear Adidas Sambas for indoor soccer (great shoes), but my running shoes over the last few years have been Nikes (lots of cushion and heel support, making my feet lazy). I tried to find Nike Frees in their stores to try on, but they don’t even carry them. I’m glad I’ve made the switch to VFF. My feet are thanking me, too.

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