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7 day challenge

Posted by cavewomanrunner on March 18, 2009

I’ve been saying for weeks now that I want incorporate yoga into my daily routine. I sometimes do a few poses/stretches – I’ve studied a few new ones and even looked at the yoga DVDs that sit unviewed on top of the TV. Yet I have yet to actually “do” yoga every day. So here’s my challenge – along with the help of a friend – do what I keep saying I’m going to do for seven days. After seven days, I’ll be on my way to creating a good habit!

The timeline for creating/breaking a habit varies from 7-40 days. I’ve found that if I set my goals and structure a plan to obtain that goal (I love schedules, remember!) then I am more likely to obtain that goal, even in the short span of 7 days. Especially if I add accountability. If I force myself to record my progress in a journal or blog, or report to others, I’m more likely to do it!

So, here is my plan – and a huge thanks to A for getting me motivated (finally)! Let’s do this!

Goal: Do yoga every night before going to bed.

Date: Complete for 7 days straight – then continue! Make it a daily habit, part of my regular routine.

Plan: Complete 30 minutes of yoga poses and stretches (can include pilates). Use the current poses I know, use my DVDs and/or my books. Complete the routine every night for 7 days. This will also help me sleep!

Accountability: Record my progress and report results to A. I also include my current status report below.



1 – Wednesday

Yippee! 30 mins with help of DVD! 

2 – Thursday

Warmup + mega yoga for abs 

3 – Friday

Warmup + mega yoga for abs 

4 – Saturday

Warmup + mega yoga for abs 

5 – Sunday

Overall yoga

6 – Monday

Abs/back yoga 

7 – Tuesday


Yippee! I made my goal. I actually enjoy doing yoga and pilates every day. On my long run days, it’s sometimes hard to get in the yoga, but it does help stretch out my sore muscles at night and get me more relaxed. I’m well on my way to making this part of my daily routine! 🙂


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