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Thansgiving and 20 Miles

Posted by cavewomanrunner on December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving. The one day of the year when everyone agrees you can eat as heartily as you like, stuff yourself like the turkey that just came out of the oven, and all is just fine! I have stuffed myself in the past, especially with my Grandma’s homemade biscuits, stuffing and fresh apple pies. Her Thanksgiving meals were so yummy – and so full of lard and sugar. I know, since every year I helped her make the feast!

So this year, my first Thanksgiving as “Paleo,” I caught a little break. I didn’t go home to hang out with all of my family – hence I missed Grandma’s and Mom’s traditional turkey gala! I somewhat missed being around the family, but I was glad to avoid the whole “Why aren’t you eating tons of white bread stuffing, sugary biscuits covered in butter, yams with brown sugar and marshmallows, and fresh pie smothered with cool whip?” “What’s wrong with you?” “You need to put meat on your bones.” “You shouldn’t be on a diet.”

Just the thought of trying to explain Paleo to my family makes me tired. Luckily for Thanksgiving this year I was able to hang out with my boyfriend, and for the traditional feast, we went to his brother’s house. I didn’t have the pressure of my family, only the stress of not trying to look like a freak in front of my boyfriend’s family! It was a good time – dinner was really yummy, we had a few laughs, played with the doggy and kitty – and I “broke out” of my Paleo for the occasion. I had a yummy roll, a bit of stuffing, some yams and some wonderful red wine. Then I had a nice slice of apple pie made by my boyfriend’s mom (very, very yummy)! I thought it would have been more difficult to get through the traditional meal – but luckily they had lots of vegetables (celery, carrots, tomatoes), almonds, and turkey to get me through. I thought that it might be difficult to break out and actually eat the bread and stuffing. I thought it might be like trying to eat beef. Since I stopped eating red meat years ago I have a definite aversion to it. The thought of even putting beef in my mouth makes me queasy. But I pushed Paleo out of my mind for an hour or so and enjoyed the meal.

It also helped to know that the next day I would be running 20 miles! 🙂

I’ve been sticking to my running schedule and loving it. Sometimes with my jobs I have to juggle my long run days around. This weekend was no different, but luckily I had some time on Friday away from work to get in my 20 miles. I ate my pre long run meal (eggs, baby food – good stuff!) a few hours before. Then I donned my winter wear and headed for the greenbelt. It was mostly sunny out and I felt great. I even had on my new shoes! Ten miles out I turned around – and faced a bit of a head wind for my jaunt back. The last mile or so I could feel myself getting tired, but I plugged along. I couldn’t wait to drink my homemade recovery shake. I actually crave those now while I’m running – and it motivates me to finish and have a drink! 😉

Two hours later, after a nice shower and some yummy oats and berries (thanks to my boyfriend!), I was dancing. Another two hours later I made it home and was tired, but not sore. I woke up the next morning and felt great – and went out for more dancing.

It’s amazing what the combination of Paleo eating and my training has done over the past month and a half. I feel better than ever, I can run longer and faster without pain. Again, I just wish I had tried this years ago. Oh well, at least I can enjoy it now – and I can also still enjoy Thanksgiving!


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