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Soy and Toxins

Posted by cavewomanrunner on November 17, 2008

Since I’m doing more research into certain foods on the non-Paleo list as I try to discover for myself why they are considered bad foods, I figured I might as well include soy.

I am not a big soy fan. I’ve only had tofu a few times and have tried soy milk in my cereal in the past. I found soy milk upset my stomach big time. So avoiding soy is not a problem for me – although I didn’t realize how much is it used in processed foods!

Studies out there show that soy actually has many natural occurring toxins and can produce bad side effects, so many are recommending you don’t consume soy (or if you do, in very moderate amounts).

Some are adament about the toxins in soy: “soy is nothing but a multi-million dollar marketing strategy based on scanty facts, half-truths and lies. Most people remain unaware that soy is known to contain an array of potent chemical toxins. The modern manufacturing processes of high-profit industries make no effort to remove these potent toxins. High levels of phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors, toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines are all present in soy products.”

Others warn about the toxins and how manufacturers cannot keep them out of soy products: “There is no legislation to protect consumers from soy toxins in raw soy products. With the possible exception of soy lecithin, all soy products, no matter how well treated, contain low to moderate levels of soy toxins; processing cannot remove them all of any of them. The soy industry has little in the way of quality control to protect consumers from exposure to inadequately treated soy products.”

Other problems with soy? Besides being one of the top allergens for people, it can disrupt the digestive, immune and neuroendocrine systems of the body and play a role in rising rates of infertility, hypothyroidism and some types of cancer including thyroid and pancreatic cancers.

Following the Paleo KISS strategy – soy cannot be eaten raw since it contains toxins. And after hearing how it can increase estrogen in children and cause a host of other problems, I’m going to keep it on my “foods to avoid” list. As with anything, we all make our personal choices, especially when it comes to what we consume. This is just my personal choice.


One Response to “Soy and Toxins”

  1. Dr Dan said

    Yeah Soy = Bad thats for sure.

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