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Almonds – Good for All

Posted by cavewomanrunner on November 13, 2008

In browsing Runner’s World today, they featured a somewhat “no-brainer” study on the effects of a “plant-based dietary portfolio,” including almonds. What did researchers find? Pretty much the same results that those already following a Paleo lifestyle already knew – eating plants is good for you!

Their specific conclusions: “A dietary portfolio of plant-based cholesterol-lowering foods reduced blood pressure significantly, related to almond intake. The dietary portfolio approach of combining a range of cholesterol-lowering plant foods may benefit cardiovascular disease risk both by reducing serum lipids and also blood pressure.”

Imagine that! Now if only people would take this advice to heart – especially the hearts of our young people.

According to JS Online, obese kids (as young as 10) have arteries resembling those of a typical 45-year-old. One of the researchers’ proposed solutions, however, is to put kids on “cholesterol-lowering statin drugs” or fish oil. FIsh oil I can understand, but why don’t we try to improve the kids’ diets and get them exercising before we start passing out the pills?


One Response to “Almonds – Good for All”

  1. Dr Dan said

    Go fish oil

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