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Paleo Weekend with Family

Posted by cavewomanrunner on November 10, 2008

So it’s been 22 days on my new Paleo lifestyle. I don’t think I’m going to track every single meal, every single day. It has been good to provide me information on what I’m eating. I may revert back to the method in the future, but for now I will probably just report when I fall off the Paleo wagon, so to speak!

This weekend was a challenge. I had family in town and I was also working most of the weekend. Family + crazy work schedule usually = bad eating. But I didn’t have any problems this weekend. Before work I would grab eggs or fish. I avoided eating out so I could eat my own cooked meals. Even over at my brother’s house, they had fresh fruit from a party the night before, so I was able to get some great food in me! I still find I’m eating lots of nuts, but again I think this is ok. It doesn’t hurt my tummy and I’m still getting lots of protein and other veggies.

I was also able to get in two runs – 6 miles on Sunday and 5 miles early Monday morning. The 6 miles I added in several strides and felt great. I was a bit tired for the 5 miles the next morning, but got through it and feel better afterwards. I’m also finding that if I only work out for an hour or so, I don’t feel depleted and like I need extra carbs or sugar.

However, this week was also my “rest week” so to speak – only 27 miles total. Next week I start building again (31, 32 and then 34). We’ll see how I do on the longer runs (up to 20 miles).

I will keep using this blog as a record of my progress. I would like to check in after a full month of Paleo has passed, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be more of the same praises!


One Response to “Paleo Weekend with Family”

  1. Dr Dan said

    Im glad I found your blog, not many paleo bloggers out there.

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