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Yippee for the Paleo Diet

Posted by cavewomanrunner on October 24, 2008

I’m reading more and more about the benefits of the Paleo diet. Here’s another article on another great blog.

In a nutshell, we should eat natural food, not food found in a box or loaded with lots of sugar. The Paleo Diet for Athletes book shows how little nutrition is found in the breads that we have all been told to eat. I was astonished to find that my regular diet of whole wheat bagels and breads, pastas, and rice really didn’t contain the nutrients I need. Just after 5 days of eating like a cavewoman, I have energy, feel more alert, am sleeping better and waking up even before my alarm clock.

I just wish I would have heard about this way of life earlier. But I suppose we learn by what we see. I’ve always been the most healthy eater in my family, cutting out margarine, soda, white bread, fried foods, and tons of farm-raised beef years ago. My family still eats that way though. If it comes from a box, it’s dinner.

Eating Paleo makes sense. It’s how our ancestors ate. Heck, even two generations ago people were raising their own food, or at least maintained their own gardens. Now even my nieces are shocked to learn that my strawberry plants make strawberries, and that they don’t come from the plastic container you pick up at Walmart. 🙂

I started eating Paleo as an experiment to see how it will improve my running. Just after five days, I want to throw away my old way of eating. I’m not saying I won’t occassionally have a treat or enjoy bread ever again – but it will be with the understanding of how it truly affects my body and that my body really needs all of these other foods for maximum health.


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