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Paleo Discoveries

Posted by cavewomanrunner on October 15, 2008

So I’ve already discovered some things about this Paleo diet that are going to be difficult.

I was so excited to start trying it that I went to a specific store that I know sells turkey jerky. I don’t eat beef, so I stay away from the beef jerkey that seems to be everwhere. I located the turkey jerky, but lo and behold, it contains wheat and soy. Then I found some packets of tuna – contains soy! At least I found some almonds that only had some salt added. It’s going to be hard enough to find food on the Paleo list, let alone food that still isn’t processed!

I was glad that I got out of my night job a bit early so I could come home and rearrange my cupboards and fridge. Wow. Almost everything I eat is carbs! Cereal, crackers, pasta, beans, bread. The only “good” things that I had was the jerky and tuna I just bought, and a few frozen veggies. This is going to be quite a change!

My first impulse was to throw away all of these carbs. However, as a runner I will still need to consume some carbs before and after my long runs. So I’ll hold on to them, for now. Besides, my boyfriend will need something to snack on when he comes over! And I told my roomie she can help herself to anything, especially the flour and baking stuff (she likes to make cookies).

This seems to be the time for changes – changing diets, changing seasons. I finally had the time to rearrange my closet too! Yeah! Winter clothes are now out! Bring on the cold weather! I’ll hopefully have enough meat and nuts soon to face the cold! 🙂


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