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Desert running

Posted by cavewomanrunner on June 15, 2011

So I have been wanting to post these pictures of desert trails I had the awesome opportunity to run several months back. Some of you may recognize the Tucson, AZ landscape. The rocky trail was well worth finding and my Bikila Vibrams were amazing.

The trail

There was a decent incline that was also worth the effort for the view it offered.

The view

The only thing that would have made running this trail (as I was able to do at least twice during the business trip) even better would be having my three pups at my side. Ah well. Good thing I’ve moved to another desert where the trails are right in our backyard!

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Cavewoman MIA

Posted by cavewomanrunner on December 2, 2010


I have not been writing much lately and I apologize to any readers out there and to myself. I think I have a few pretty good excuses though: a new puppy, a new job, a new house, and new Vibrams.

The new puppy, a German Shepherd/Whippet mix, was added to the family in May 2010. Boy, is she fast! She is a rescue and was about 14 months old when I picked her up from the shelter. She was timid at first, but now is a running machine. She will run 15 miles with me and not even be tired. She also enjoys chasing anything that runs – kids, birds, other dogs (including my other two pups), deer, foxes, coyotes, skunks. She already got sprayed by a skunk, right in the face. That was a fun experience for everyone. I will say that the home mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and hand soap helped tremendously!

The new job was finalized in July 2010. Since then it has been a roller coaster of new skills to learn, roles changing constantly, meetings around the clock, traveling much more, and a lot more stress. That has resulted in me not writing much and finding it difficult to stick to my running schedule and my Paleo ways. One item I did not entirely cut out was alcohol. I enjoy a nice glass of red wine now and then. I have learned that for me, more stress = more wine = more non-Paleo cravings.

The new house, nestled beautifully up in the foothills, came in September 2010. Talk about stress! Dealing with the realtors, the construction company, the mortgage company, insurance, taxes, and moving was more than overwhelming. We also had two houses to move out of and put on the rental market so we could move into our new house. So it was several months of long days, trying tasks, on top having a new puppy and a new job.

I managed to run during these months, but wasn’t sticking to my regular schedule, which is what I much more prefer! After completing the half marathon in April with my broken toe, I did two more half marathons. My brother got serious about running and ran his first half marathon in May. We didn’t hit our target time, but I encouraged him across the finish line and we completed it together. That was an awesome feeling as no one else in my family runs, so it was nice to have some company!

My brother and I did another half marathon in July. This time he beat me. I wore my new Vibrams, the Bikilas, made especially for running. I find these to be just as comfortable as the KSOs, and the sole does provide a bit more traction and protection. Unfortunately, by the end of this race, my right foot was killing me. I don’t blame anything on the Vibrams, I blame it on the new puppy. In the training days before the race I had purchased a waist leash to run her with me. I think her dragging, I mean running, with me caused undue stress to my feet. I also took all three of my pups out at the same time on leashes, and the impact of trying to keep them close to me after they saw squirrels, cats, etc. impacted my feet. So I learned the hard way, and couldn’t run with my injured foot for several weeks.

So that’s the last several months in a nutshell. I will keep writing more, as I have lots more pictures, stories and Paleo recipes to share. I’m glad to be back from missing in action (MIA)!

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